Safety policies and procedures in STG

We recognize the value of creating a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees, guests, and partners when providing our industrial services. The people who work for us are our most important asset.

Our commitment necessitates raising awareness of occupational safety and health management systems, creating an environment that encourages employee participation in a safe workplace, and improving risk recognition. We pledge to support these ideas by doing the following:

  • Promote a safety-first culture where no one is harmed in anything we do.
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning occupational and environmental safety, health, and commercial transactions.
  • In conducting our business, we strive to follow industry standard rules and standards.
  • We make sure that all waste is disposed of in a way that is both safe and considerate of the environment.
  • For the purpose of bolstering our workplaces and environment, we provide support, training, and education.
  • We acknowledge and fix if we make any mistakes.
Our safety

We apply general quality and safety standards

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, specializing in the development of laws and constants for the design and operation of machinery, hardware, and mechanical installations, has certified us in Quality and Public Safety with (R Stamp and U Stamp).