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We keep up with the most recent industrial advancements. Technological solutions

Saudi Thalat Group is a company specializing in general manufacturing, circular structural manufacturing, and mechanical maintenance activities. Because we know that materials used in modern industries play an important role in determining the design, structure, performance, and efficiency of the product, we specialize in providing GRP/FRP type industrial services, as well as leakage processing, coating services, and surface preparation.


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We consider the engineering and design of our products to ensure that they meet strict quality and productivity standards.


We strive to complete your project accurately and efficiently

Saudi Thalat Industry Company has successfully completed a number of mega projects, causing a qualitative shift by providing various industrial services in a wide range of fields with high quality and accuracy.

The highest standards of safety and security

Safety Policy

We understand the importance of providing a healthy and safe working environment for all employees, visitors, and partners when providing industrial services. The people who work for us are our most valuable resource. All incidents, we believe, can be avoided, and our goal is to reduce them to zero.


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