Challenging the future

Strong industries

Saudi Thalate Manufacture Factory Company specializes in general manufacturing, circular structure manufacturing, and mechanical maintenance. We also provide GRP/FRP-type industrial services, infusion processing, paint services, and surface preparation.

Thalate has over 13 years of expertise in innovating industrial solutions, responding to the needs of all industries throughout their markets, and delivering technology solutions that help them stay ahead of industrial market dynamics. The efficiency and accuracy of our work, as well as our development into numerous organizations, have helped us become Saudi Arabia’s biggest industrial service provider, the most complete internal solution, and the finest alternative for long-term assistance.

About us

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as the go-to source for anyone looking for tank and metal structure manufacturing services of all shapes and sizes, distinctive in our dedication to the quality of our goods and services, and distinguished by specialized experts to satisfy the requirements of our clients in a variety of industries.

Services with global standards

In providing our services, we adhere to international manufacturing standards and supply long-term equipment to all sectors

Our human resources are our valuable assets

We believe that investing in human resources and developing employees is one of the most important sources, so we strive to provide a healthy and balanced environment for our employees while developing their skills and stimulating their sense of belonging

Responding to future demands

We are keeping up with the times and expanding our construction work to meet the growing demand in the industrial sectors as well as Saudi Arabia's progress with more modern technology